Acne Studios Small Leather Goods If you're looking to splurge on some nice accessories, Acne Studio just dropped a premium line of small goods that should suit your stylish tastes.


When it comes to style, details matter. You can’t pull off a look without the right accessories to accompany the big pieces. If you don’t mind splurging a little to put together core accessories, you may want to look at Acne Studios’ just-released premium range of Small Leather Goods.

Consisting of men’s accessories essentials, the collection features distinct curved edges that give the pieces a characteristic silhouette. Given that these are premium accessories, there’s a strong focus on high-quality leather and trims, so these are the kind of pieces that should stay in your drawers for the long haul. Each one comes with a rich selection of colors, too, with the insides either covered in lamb leather lining or painted in a contrasting hue.


The Acne Studios Small Leather Goods for men consists of three wallets (Kei, Maarit, and Csarite), a leather necklace for keys (Cinn), clutches (Zirconia and Larimar), an envelope pouch (Kunzite), two leather cases (Jorie and Elmas), and two leather bracelets (Ametrine and Amatrix). For this collection, the studio is collaborating with artist, Jack Pierson, to provide an option in personalizing the accessories. Customers placing an order can have their pieces marked with bespoke text using the artist’s characteristic typography, which combines contrasting font types and sizes to aesthetically-pleasing results. All pieces are made in Italy.


Hit the link below to check out the Acne Studios Small Leather Goods range for men.