7Mesh Thunder Pant Designed to tackle heavy rains, these cycling pants will keep you dry and warm without restricting your movement.

No, this pair of pants won’t turn you into Mighty Thor. Or a Thundercat. And it won’t make a rumbling sound when you walk on it either (thank God). Instead, the 7Mesh Thunder Pant is a technical pair of trousers designed to help keep you dry and active during the most inclement weather.

Designed to tackle the torrential rain of British Columbia, the pants were built to pair nicely with your favorite waterproof shirts and jackets, allowing you to stay warm and toasty even in the wettest conditions. Being made by 7Mesh, this is, of course, designed for cycling, although we imagine it will serve as functional pants for a whole load of outdoor activities as well.

The 7Mesh Thunder Pant is made from two different weights of Gore-Tex Pro 3L: 30-denier and 70-denier. They used the 70D variant for the main pants body and the 30D for the contrast elements, basically providing the most rugged and protective shell at the seat and upper legs, while giving more breathability at the lower legs and waist. It’s a thoughtful combination that, the outfit claims, gives the trousers impregnable water protection and exceedingly high levels of durability, all while offering best-in-class breathability, so you won’t sweat as much as you would with a standard pair of Gore-Tex pants.

It’s fully-waterproof, so no amount of water can get through, ensuring your lower body stays dry, whether you’re riding a mountain bike downhill in the trail or pushing your cross-country bike to the brink. Basically, if you want to stay dry and have full mobility in your lower body, this thing is built to do the trick.

The 7Mesh Thunder Pant has a gusset to provide the necessary freedom of movement, allowing you to spread your legs comfortably, complete with a fully-taped construction that minimizes the seams to reduce the chances of damage. It also has an articulated knee for further easing mobility. They also threw in watertight Vislon leg zippers that allow you to loosen the legs to make putting on shoes a lot easier, along with Velcro-secured stretch fabric at the end of each leg. You know the fly on your pants, whether it’s zippered or buttoned, can really be a hassle when you’re riding? That’s not a problem here, as they didn’t put any, instead relying on side buckles at the waist and double sliders for adjusting tightness on the fly.

The pants come with cuffs that are pre-marked at different sections. According to the outfit, this is so you can cut them on your own, allowing you to easily tailor the length of the pants to your liking by removing up to three inches. They do insist that you cut along the pre-marked lines, though, to ensure it retains all functions the way it was meant to deliver. And yes, they offer detailed instructions on their website if you’re not sold in trimming your own pant length.

The 7Mesh Thunder Pant is available now, priced at $300.

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