2021 Yamaha SuperJet Yamaha's stand-up personal watercraft puts over 100 horsepower at your disposal, allowing you to blast through water at over 53 mph.

Some personal watercrafts are designed to offer a relaxing ride across the water. Others are meant to let you do fun tricks to amuse your friends and family. And then there are absolute monsters like the 2021 Yamaha Superjet that are meant to blaze through the lakes and beaches like a liter bike on the open highway.

We know, you’ve probably driven a stand-up jet ski before and, yes, it’s a lot more fun than sitting your way through the ride. This, however, is no ordinary watercraft, with a powerful engine that produces upwards of 100 horsepower, making it a more engaging, more challenging ride that will keep you on your toes with exhilarating acceleration, thrilling turns, and wild jumps every single ride.

The 2021 Yamaha SuperJet is powered by a 1,049cc TR-1, a three-cylinder, four-stroke marine engine that boasts a potent mix of power, fuel efficiency, and dependability. Yes, it’s the same engine that’s been powering the outfit’s high-end personal watercrafts for a few years now, so this is a proven powertrain that should hold up to the most demanding riders. This is enough to propel the watercraft to top speeds of 53 mph, which might not sound much when you’re behind the wheel inside your sedan, but is absolutely a whole lot to handle when you’re standing on a deck as it slashes through the water.

It comes with Yamaha’s Engine Management System that offloads various functions to onboard computers, including ignition timing, fuel injection mapping, and engine diagnostics, as well as electronically-controlled ignition timing at all throttle positions for precise ignition control. That engine is paired to a 144mm jet pump propulsion system, whose nozzle can be adjusted to one of two positions to change how tightly you want the watercraft to turn while steering.

The 2021 Yamaha SuperJet has an L-mode for new riders, which caps the top speed to 40 mph, so you can keep the ride very manageable without having to be mindful of how hard you’re pressing the throttle. Speaking of novices, the hull is designed to provide high levels of stability as you make sweeping turns and tight carving maneuvers, making it very friendly to inexperienced riders, all while being over 180 pounds lighter and over eight inches shorter than its primary competition at the racing stand-up PWC category (yes, we imagine that would be Kawasaki’s top-of-the-line jet ski).

To accommodate riders of different heights at various postures, it comes with adjustable pole handles that sport race-inspired handlebars, which you can set at any desired position on the fly.  Other features include vacuum-injected fiberglass construction for the hull and deck, a slant detection switch that switches the engine off when the watercraft is overturned, a reboarding handle with a padded foot tray to easily get back on when you fall on the water, a five-gallon tank that lets you stay on the water for satisfying lengths of time, and a dry weight of 375 pounds.

Want one? The 2021 Yamaha SuperJet is available now, priced starting at $9,499.

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