2021 Triumph Trident 660 Triumph's entry-level middleweight roadster offers newer riders a great balance of accessibility and performance.

Much as we love those large and fast bikes, we have to admit, the darn things aren’t the easiest to handle, especially if you like going at high speeds. They’re also pretty costly, pushing past the four-figure limit to cheap car territory. If you just want a fast, affordable bike that can “vroom vroom” without requiring elite riding skills to handle, a middleweight sport bike just might be more to your liking. That’s exactly what you’re getting with the 2021 Triumph Trident 660.

The outfit’s entry into the middleweight roadster category, the bike strikes a careful balance of price and performance, making it reasonably accessible while remaining fun to ride. Yes, this thing will pale in comparison with the other roadsters in the outfit’s lineup (specifically, the Triple RS models), but this should make a great entry-level model for those looking to dip their toes into the joys of riding down the highway with the wind blowing on your face (well, mostly on your helmet, but you know what we mean).

The 2021 Triumph Trident 660 is powered by the outfit’s 660cc “triple engine,” which, the outfit claims, boast a “perfect balance of low-down torque and exhilarating top end power.” Specifically, that engine puts out a maximum 81 horsepower and 47 pound-feet of torque, both of which, naturally, sound puny for a car. For a bike that has a dry weight of just 417 pounds, though, that’s enough to send you careening at highly satisfying speeds when you’re burning gas on the open road. Seriously, that’s enough power to make for a genuinely thrilling ride. Plus, it supposedly boasts the best engine sound in the category, so you’ll have people thinking you’re riding one of those crazy Ninjas while feeling perfectly safe in a much more well-behaved motorcycle.

The bike combines a light steering weight, a low seat height (31.7 inches), slim width, and an all-new chassis setup to enable agile handling. According to Triumph, it’s so maneuverable, it will immediately endow riders with full confidence, which is, generally, pretty important for entry-level machines. All that, along with an adjustable brake lever and a lightweight slip-and-assist clutch should make this a highly accessible ride.

The 2021 Triumph Trident 660 boasts a gaggle of tech onboard to provide a more affable experience to newer riders. These include a multi-functional TFT instrument display with integrated turn-by-turn navigation, GoPro control, and smartphone pairing for music playback, along with two riding modes (road and rain), switchable traction control, standard ABS, ride-by-wire throttle, and all-LED lighting. Other features include a six-speed gearbox, Showa upside down forks (120mm travel), Showa adjustable monoshock rear suspension (133.5mm travel), Nissin disc brakes, five-spoke cast aluminum wheels, and Michelin Road 5 tires. Stylistically, it brings a new contemporary roadster style that embraces clean lines and a minimalist stance, while retaining the muscular poise of the outfit’s Speed Triple roadster. It comes in four available paint schemes, namely silver/red, black/silver matte, crystal white, and sapphire black.

The 2021 Triumph Trident 660 will hit floor dealers in January, priced starting at $7.995.

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