2020 Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 Side-By-Side Designed to muscle through the roughest off-road terrain, Kawasaki's first sport side-by-side can stand up to the best sport ATVs today.


We’re not entirely sure how ATVs evolved from farm workhorses into modern side-by-sides for adrenaline junkies. However it happened, we’re just absolutely glad it did because these things are awesome. Just take a look at the new 2020 Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000, the outfit’s first-ever sport side-by-side.

Designed to muscle through the roughest off-road terrain, the vehicle is designed to challenge the best sport ATVs out there today, whether in power, torque, or overall off-road performance. Suffice to say, the outfit had the flagship side-by-sides from Polaris and Yamaha in mind when developing this thing, as every detail appears to be tailored so that it can stack up in a spec-by-spec comparison.


The 2020 Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 is powered by a 999cc liquid-cooled parallel twin engine that, the outfit claims, delivers both high-rpm power and robust low-end torque, ensuring it can function in a wide variety of situations you’re likely to face in the off-road. That engine is mated to a continuously variable transmission with a centrifugal clutch, enabling excellent acceleration control, whether you’re racing in the sand with all the muscle it can muster or navigating slippery rock gardens at low speed. According to the outfit, the combination of the large-volume CVT, centrifugal clutch, and high-quality belt allows the vehicle to cope with the high power output of the engine, which should help contribute to longer operating life.

It has electronically-selectable 4WD and front differential lock, so you quickly switch between drive systems, depending on the terrain’s requirements, with either one engaging instantly, making transitions feel smooth and natural. The engine, by the way, can be set to one of two power modes: full power delivers quick response from the engine and low power provides a milder throttle engagement that’s more useful when getting the wheels to crawl on more treacherous terrain.


The 2020 Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 has a high-rigidity chassis that positions the wheels as far apart as possible, enabling a wide stance to maximize its stability on uneven surfaces, as well as an integrated rollover protection structure (ROPS) to ensure you stay safe even when the darn thing flips over (considering the kind of terrain you’re traversing, there’s always a chance it would). Long suspension arms and Fox 2.5 Podium LSC shock absorbers soak up jarring hits it encounters on its path, allowing all four wheels to stay in contact with the ground at all times, so the ATV can keep moving forward. Out front, the front suspension delivers 19 inches of travel, while the rear trailing arm suspension offers a full 21 inches.


Large diameter disc brakes provide all the stopping power you’ll require, with scrapers built inside the rear discs to automatically remove mud that can hinder its operation. Other features include 15-inch bead-lock aluminum wheels, 31-inch Maxxis Carnivore tires, electric power steering with separate 2WD and 4WD maps, an adjustable steering wheel, two high-backed bucket seats with six-point seatbelts, half doors, and a large digital instrument panel. It has cargo room in the back, by the way, with a maximum load capacity of 350 pounds.

The 2020 Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 is available now, priced starting at $20,499.

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