2017 Honda Rebel After three decades, Honda's popular beginner bike is finally getting a clean-sheet makeover in the form of this sporty modern cruiser.


Since its introduction in 1985, the Honda Rebel has remained one of the most popular beginner motorcycles. That’s not surprising, as it’s agile, lightweight, and easy-to-maneuver, all while being reasonably affordable to both acquire and maintain. Due to its popularity, the model has barely changed in its 30 year existence. That is, until now, with the 2017 Honda Rebel.

Billed as “a fresh take on custom cool,” the motorcycle gets a clean-sheet redesign that combines the original cruiser-inspired profile design a more contemporary look. Basically, it trades in the old-school Harley styling in favor of a sportier profile, making for a bike that should appeal to a younger generation of riders.


The 2017 Honda Rebel comes in two models: 300 and 500. The former gets a liquid-cooled 286cc single-cylinder engine and a 364-pound curb weight, while the latter gets a 471cc parallel-twin powerplant and a 408-pound heft. Both a get a trellis steel frame, a 41mm telescopic fork, and twin rear shocks, while putting the rider in a relaxed and neutral riding position with outstretched arms and feet dropping straight down on the mid-mounted pegs.


Honda claims the bikes’ low weight, slim frame, and 27-inch seat height will ensure excellent agility when riding at slow speeds, with the ground clearance enabling sporty leaning angles. Other features include a digital speedometer, 16-inch wheels, and hydraulic disc brakes.

Slated to hit dealers next year, pricing is set at $4,400 for the 2017 Honda Rebel 300 and $6,000 for the Honda Rebel 500.

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