2016 Indian Scout Sixty Motorcycle The entry-level Scout combines the same brawny cruiser aesthetics with a smaller engine, a revised drivetrain, and a more affordable price.


Polaris had a huge hit on their hands when they revived the Indian Scout to a whole new generation of riders last year. This year, they’re hoping to expand the rider base with an entry-level version of the same iconic motorcycle: the 2016 Indian Scout Sixty.

On the surface, it looks, mostly, identical to the popular cruiser, with the same cast aluminum frame and general dimensions. Retaining the same sporty but brawny character as the more powerful model, you’ll still look just as cool riding this, with most of the differences only noticeable once you’re pushing the bike at the top end of its power.


Instead of a 1133cc V-twin, the 2016 Indian Scout Sixty gets a smaller 999cc engine that puts out 78 horsepower and 65 pound-feet of torque at 5800 rpm, a noticeable markdown from the more powerful model’s 100 hp and 72 lb-ft. It also swaps in the Scout’s six-speed drivetrain in favor of a five-speed gearbox, with a telescopic fork suspension out front and dual shocks in the back. Features include a ground clearance of 5.3 inches, a 31-degree lean angle, a 542-pound weight, and 16-inch wheels. Styling is a little different, with less chrome and more black all around the bike. Oh yeah, since it uses the same frame, any accessories for the Scout should also be compatible with the Scout Sixty, giving buyers plenty of customization options right out of the gate.


Available now, the 2016 Indian Scout Sixty is priced at $8,999.