100% Hypercraft Sport Performance Sunglasses Easily the lightest and most low-profile sunglasses the outfit has made, this eyewear blends into your outfit and feels completely natural on your face.

If you’re familiar with 100%, then you have an idea of what the outfit specializes in. They make sunglasses that are big in size, loud in design, and bright in colors. Yes, they make eyewear that absolutely stands out. The 100% Hypercraft reels in that boisterous character a bit, coming in just a tad more subdued while still retaining its unique personality. If you’ve steered clear of 100% before due to the more outlandish elements of their designs, this one just might change your attitude towards the brand.

Easily the lightest and most low-profile sunglasses from the outfit’s lineup, it’s eyewear that feels like it can blend into your outfit, instead of being a dominating presence on your face. It won’t just blend in aesthetically, either, as that lightweight build and unobstructed field of vision should make you forget you’re even wearing it, too, making it feel completely natural to have on, whether you’re running, hiking, or speeding on a mountain bike downhill.

The 100% Hypercraft has a wraparound lens that allows it to fit snugly on your face, curving at just the right places, so it creates no obstruction in your view, all while directing the wind away from your eyes as you ride through any road or trail. That lens is made from durable polycarbonate that’s both impact-resistant and shatterproof, ensuring it won’t easily damage from drops, knocks, and slamming your face on a concrete road after riding your bike off a ramp, then landing on another ramp that you didn’t quite see. Yes, your nose may be broken, but your sunglasses should stay intact.

The lenses come with high-quality scratch-resistant coating, so all that action you put it through won’t leave abrasions on the surface, while hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment allows it to repel water, dirt, and oil, ensuring all the muck that gets on it while you ride around the city won’t stay on whatsoever. It also gets full-spectrum UV protection, so it will protect your eyes from sun damage just as well as any pair of sunglasses.

The 100% Hypercraft has a lightweight and slim frame, with slender arms fashioned in an angular shape for better aerodynamics. With the frame’s lightweight build, you should barely feel this wrapping above your ears, while the carbon fiber and nylon weave construction should make it exceptionally strong to match the durability of the lens. Suffice to say, this thing may look flimsy, but it will hold up to the challenges it will encounter on both roads and trails alike.

It comes with a rubber stopper for the nose and rubber tips for the temples, all of which should secure it in place while the whole thing sits on your face. Each one comes with swappable photochromic lens, which is clear indoors and darkens under sunlight, and a contrast-defining lens that makes road obstacles stand out clearer, making it ideal when riding your bicycle in frequently-changing light conditions.

The 100% Hypercraft sports performance sunglasses are available now, priced at $175.

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