Batch Luxtility Shirt

Regardless of your trade, craft, or profession, these stylish utility shirts from Batch will make you look darn good, all while coming with plenty of pockets for stashing all the gear you need to get the job done.

Public Rec Go-To Tee

The perfect tee to pair with Public Rec's "tailored sweatpants," this crew-neck tee uses a proprietary fabric for comfortable yet technical performance, all while bringing a relaxed yet athletic fit to keep you looking good.

Lawrence Hunt Dress Shirts

Combining 100% Egyptian Giza cotton with engineered underarm panels, these smart and dapper dress shirts deliver ventilation, moisture-wicking, and four-way stretch like your favorite technical apparel.

Voormi Solarium Hoodie

Made from a super-lightweight and ultra-breathable merino blend, Voormi's summer hoodie will keep you cool in the thick of high temperatures, all while blocking out the sun's harsh rays when roughing it up outdoors.

Criquet Players Shirt

Colorful shirts with large logos may be the go-to shirt for the PGAs, but that doesn't mean you have to play wearing the same loud tops. Style it up old school with these vintage-looking golf polos.

Rhone Gotham SeaCell Tee

While this superpowered workout shirt won't make you super-strong or bulletproof, its unique seaweed-based fabric releases calcium, magnesium, and vitamin E during sweating to help nourish your skin.

Mack Weldon Vesper Polo

Named after James Bond's one true love, Mack Weldon's summer-grade polo dresses you up in refined comfort worthy of 007 himself, so you can enjoy the heat of the summer without breaking into heavy sweat.

Ministry of Supply Apollo Polo

Apparently not content with bringing technical qualities to formalwear, Ministry of Supply is branching out to a casual staple of the warm season. And, yes, it might be the most technical polo you'll ever wear.

Western Rise Eureka Shop Shirt

With a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, Western Rise's summer shirt will keep you clean and dry, whether you party by the poolside, tailgate by the stadium lot, or stuff your face with steaks during a backyard cookout.

Chrome Industries Wyatt Work Shirt

More than a work shirt, Chrome Industries' long-sleeved denim garment is a full-fledged upper body armor, ready to protect you in fields, workshops, and job sites with its high levels of abrasion resistance.

Danny Shane Romer Active Lifestyle Polo

Built for cyclists, Danny Shane's bamboo ash and polyester garment should provide better breathability and durability during bike rides that any button-down collared shirt in your summer wardrobe.

Buck Mason Pearl Snap Western Shirt

Whether you're actually visiting a ranch for the summer or just need a lightweight button-up for work, Buck Mason's cowboy shirt for city folks just might be the garment your wardrobe needs.

Threadsmiths The Grind Dress Shirt

A white dress shirt is easily the most essential part of any man's formal wardrobe. It's also the hardest to keep clean throughout the course of the day. That won’t be a problem with Threadsmiths' unstainable hydrophobic garment.

Smith x Howler San Gabriel Shirt

Whether you're spending the summer cooling down by a poolside bar or an ice cream stall at the beach, this cool and lightweight beach shirt buttons you up in relaxed and comfortable threads.

McNair PlasmaDry Corduroy Mill Shirt

Corduroy is awesome. Like many things in life, however, corduroy is better once enhanced using lasers. That's exactly what McNair brings in this soft, water-resistant, and fine-looking corduroy work shirt.

Outlier Ramielust T-Shirt

It's the world's oldest fabric. And you've probably never heard of it. Fortunately, you can wear it to keep cool this summer with Outlier's new collection of tees made from 100 percent ramie fabric.

California Cowboy High Water Shirt

As far as beach shirts go, the less tacky the design, the better. California Cowboy's "ultimate party pool shirt" brings that, along with a whole load of MacGyver-style features to support your summer shenanigans.