Western Rise DryWeight Merino Henley

While merino may be an all-year fabric, there are summer recreational activities that make it a little too hot for comfort. Wear this Henley shirt instead, which boasts a unique merino blend that's 50 percent cooler than other comparable garments.

Parker Dusseau Seadrift 3XDry Overshirt

A water-resistant button-down, this tailored-cut shirt can shrug off downpours like a boss while accommodating another work shirt inside, making it a lighter, less-bulky alternative to traditional rainy day jackets.

Betabrand Frankencamo Hoodie

Our favorite camo hoodie ever, Betabrand's latest mixes US woodland, Swedish camo, and tigerstripe pattern in a single garment, turning out a Frankenstein garment that's more likely to stand out than blend in.

Kora Xenolith Sweater

Made from a blend of yak wool and merino wool, Kora's retro-style sweater gets the former's improved warmth and breathability while enjoying the latter's expansive technical talents.

TOTN Growler LS Crew Neck

Injecting the classic crew neck with a dose of sophistication, TOTN's sweater will look just as good whether you spend the spring months relaxing in a marina or getting deals done in a country club.

Nau Slight Shirt

Designed to pack into a bundle no bigger than a pencil case, Nau's classically-styled button-down lets you keep a work-ready shirt on a backpack pouch or your car's glove compartment.

Outlier Wool 66 Hard Shirt

Cut in a fabric combining Merino wool, Cordura nylon, Modal, and elastane, Outlier's hardwearing work shirt will keep you looking good, whether you're in an air-conditioned office, a dirty workshop, or out in the field.

Public Rec Politan Hoodie

Designed as a nicer-looking replacement for that beat-up, lived-in sweater you just can't bear to retire, this hoodie combines a super-soft melt-in-your-body feel with a whole lot of stretch to support active movement.

Nike AeroReact Golf Polo

A streamlined version of the golf course staple, Nike's new golf polo combines a slim cut with a clean design and a self-adjusting fabric that changes in breathability according to your body's needs.

Alrightnik Signature Popover

A hodge-podge of styles, this unique shirt takes a henley, throws in a dressy band collar, tacks on a square cuff with buttons, and adds in long side seam splits, all in an elegant cotton twill construction.

Buck Mason Military Overshirt

Buck Mason's modern version of the tops from army fatigues come with a substantial build, allowing it to serve as either a standalone shirt or a warm outer layer, depending on the seasonal conditions.

Public Rec Go-To Henley

"Buttery soft, super stretchy, and stylish enough for dinner with the in-laws,” Public Rec's version wears well on its own during warmer months, while serving as a handy base layer for the colder days of the year.

Mack Weldon Ace Crew Sweatshirt

Decked in ultra-soft French terry cotton with just a little bit of stretch, Mack Weldon's sweet-looking take on the classic crewneck sweatshirt delivers unparalleled comfort to your fall and winter ensembles.

Mountain Standard Mountain Flannel

Some flannels look perfectly at home in the city, making them ideal for everyday wear during autumn. This one isn't, with a style and build that's rigged strictly for roughing it up through your backcountry adventures.

MAAP Detour Winter Long Sleeve Jersey

No, you don't have to be crazy to ride bicycles in the open road in the middle of winter. You just need to wear the right clothes. This colorful, aerodynamic, and race-oriented jersey from MAAP happens to be one of them.

Western Rise Elkton Stretch Flannel

Designed to look good in the city and perform like a badass in the outdoors, Western Rise's classic-looking flannel will keep you warm and toasty while wicking sweat and facilitating full freedom of motion.

Woolrich Hiker’s Trail Flannel

Autumn time is flannel time and now's as a good time as any to beef up your closet for the chillier days ahead. This rugged, trail-ready work shirt from Woolrich should make for a nice, low-maintenance addition.