Nike Metcon 3

Aimed at gym rats and Crossfitters, Nike's new gym trainers boast serious stability, increased traction, and greater cushioning, ensuring they will support your weirdest workouts. And, yes, they now come in Flyknit, too.

Elysium Basis

Possibly the most credentialed age-defying product in the market, this supplement, borne out of MIT's Science of Aging Lab, targets the coenzymes and proteins responsible for cellular health to help you turn back the clock.

On Vocal Headphones

The battle of virtual assistants is now being waged and everyone's got their own favorite. If Amazon's feminine robot voice is yours, you might want to check out these wireless earbuds that come with full Alexa integration.

Hylete Icon 6-in-1 Backpack

Quite possibly the most versatile bag we've seen, this backpack can transform into six different bags with two different sizes, allowing you to turn it into exactly whatever bag you need for the day.

Oppo UDP-203 Ultra HD Blu-ray Player

A veritable tribute to physical media, Oppo's new 4K Blu-ray player can play every type of optical disc in your movie and music collection, all while refusing support for Netflix, Amazon, and any other streaming app.

Bridgestone Tour B330S Golf Ball

Tiger Woods may be still be dressed in Nike for his return this year, but he won't be swinging at golf balls with a swoosh this season. Instead, he'll be hitting these high-performance bad boys from Bridgestone.

Cadence Kenton 3L Rain Jacket

Braving the rain and cold in your favorite bicycle on the way to the office? Not a problem with this fully-waterproofed riding jacket from Cadence. Now, if you can only find a way to keep your pants dry.

Hogue EX-T01 Tomahawk

Thanks to a skeleton head, this 14-inch tomahawk weighs just under a pound, all while chopping logs, cutting rope, and cracking zombie skulls when the inevitable apocalypse happens with the best of them.

Alrightnik Signature Popover

A hodge-podge of styles, this unique shirt takes a henley, throws in a dressy band collar, tacks on a square cuff with buttons, and adds in long side seam splits, all in an elegant cotton twill construction.

Rhone Commuter Pants

Built for men who hustle for a living, Rhone's work pants will look great when worn with a button-down, all while keeping you feeling comfortable, whether you're grinding in a huge office or toiling with a startup in a garage.

Buck Mason Military Overshirt

Buck Mason's modern version of the tops from army fatigues come with a substantial build, allowing it to serve as either a standalone shirt or a warm outer layer, depending on the seasonal conditions.

Hold Fast Sightseer Backpack System

It looks like a vintage bag with its decidedly rustic flair, but Hold Fast's camera backpack is as modern as it gets in function, with built-in compartments all your camera gear, an easy-access slider, and expandable exterior.

Seiko Presage SARW027 Watch

Looking for a new dress watch to add to your formalwear rotation? Try this limited-edition timepiece from Seiko, which commemorates the outfit's first self-winding mechanical watch from 1956.