Kyboka Outdoor Cart Save your back the hassle and tow your gear in this lightweight and highly maneuverable off-road cart instead.


We don’t care how much you can deadlift and squat, if you’re carrying a big load of gear even during short hikes, hauling the entire thing on your back probably isn’t the best idea. This is when an off-road hand cart will come in handy and that’s the job the Kyboka Outdoor Cart was built to handle.

A rugged work cart, it’s designed to make towing a heavy cart on off-road terrain a whole lot less problematic, with elements that make dragging and maneuvering the load-bearing rig as easy as possible. That way, you can save your back the trouble without incurring more headaches, giving you a truly more convenient alternative in any outdoor setting.


The Kyboka comes with a tub packing 4.8 cubic feet of room, allowing you to stuff it with a whole load of gear (up to 110 pounds), whether you’re camping at the beach, fishing in a lake, or tailgating in a parking lot. It has an anodized aluminum frame, a waterproof plywood bottom plate, and reinforced tarpaulin sides, striking a delicate balance of lightness and durability. To ensure it drags easily across rugged terrain, it uses double-bearing wheels with 12.5 inch off-road tires, while a unique 360-degree rotating handle conforms to your every movement during towing.


Like many carts, it folds flat, compacting to just 3.5 x 2.1 x 0.6 feet for easy storage and transport. And, yes, it can be outfitted with plenty of options, including covers, straps, belts, and more.

Available now, pricing for the Kyboka Outdoor Cart starts at €499.