This Is Ground Venture Backpack Individual slots for specific gadgets, Bluetooth tracking, and a laptop compartment that opens as a TSA-approved tray makes this the modern man's backpack.


Like many backpacks, This is Ground’s Venture is sized for conveniently carrying around the city. Unlike them, it’s designed to accommodate the things people actually carry in 2016.  That means, plenty of custom compartments for your tech, so you don’t have to spend 15 minutes every morning deciding the best place to keep each individual piece of gear.

Since it’s being touted as a modern backpack, it comes with tech built in.  Specifically, it has one of Tile’s Bluetooth tracking devices integrated into the bag, so you can track your bag’s location via the free app any time you lose track of where it is.  If the bag’s within 100 feet, you can make the Tile accessory produce a loud sound remotely to quickly figure out its location; if not, then it shows the bag’s last recorded location on a map, so you can make the necessary trip back to retrieve it.


The This Is Ground Venture Backpack comes with two primary compartments: a middle section for large items (clothes, shoes, cameras) and a rear section for gadgets that include separate laptop and tablet sleeves, a mesh pocket for large headphones, a pouch for a power adapter, and even a stylus slot.  A fully-zippered back unit allows the same rear compartment to open as a TSA-approved tray, so you never have to pull out your laptop when checking in at the airport.  Essentials you need quick access to can go in a zippered pocket on top, while a front pod lets you keep smaller gadgets like power banks, WiFi routers, and more.


Features include a side pocket for even smaller gear, microfiber lining (so you can clean your screens using the bag), padded backing, and inverted seams on the straps for comfort.  Construction is vegetable-tanned leather in five color options.

Available now, the This Is Ground Venture Backpack is priced at $750.