California Cowboy High Water Shirt As far as beach shirts go, the less tacky the design, the better. California Cowboy's "ultimate party pool shirt" brings that and more.


It looks like any well-designed beach shirt that’s perfect for wearing in the summer. Look closer, though, and you’ll find California Cowboy’s High Water Shirt brings a whole lot more to your summer shenanigans. Seriously, if you’re spending the day partying either at the beach or at the poolside, this is the shirt you’ll probably want to lounge around in.

Billed as “the ultimate pool party shirt,” the garment combines its lively summer aesthetic with a whole bunch of amenities that make it a veritable James Bond gadget. Well, if James Bond was spending the day knocking beers down at a poolside party in the middle of the summer.


The California Cowboy High Water Shirt, for instance, comes with a hidden dry pocket where you can stash your phone or wallet to keep it protected from spills, splashes, and being pushed into the pool, as well as microfiber cloth in one area for cleaning the same phone. There’s also an interior storage pocket with an accompanying credit card-sized bottle opener that you can conveniently pull out whenever you need to pop a cap, along with a reinforced pocket along the side for cradling an extra bottle of beer (very useful when you’re hoarding beer at a crowded party).

Features include a slim fit, a breathable and absorbent terry cloth lining, double-needle stitching for extra durability, and bar tack reinforcements on the chest pocket. It comes in eight retro-style design and color combinations.

An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for the California Cowboy High Water Shirt. Pledges to reserve a shirt starts at $78.