Oris Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition II Watch

This sweet-looking diver's watch helps protect the Great Barrier Reef, all while keeping you company in depths of up to 500 meters and adorning your wrist with a nice luxury chronograph the rest of the time.

Prometheus Design Werx Odyssey Cargo Short 100RS

With 11 pockets and multiple loop rings, this badass pair of cargo shorts can hold all your EDC gear while sporting sleek and streamlined looks that look nowhere near the shapeless cargo shorts your dad wears.

Incase Limited Edition Sport Field Bag

Designed for the athletically-inclined, this backpack comes with a zippered lower section that serves as a dedicated ventilated compartment for basketballs, soccer balls, and whatever other equipment you need to take to practice.

Panasonic Aero PTZ Security Camera

A surveillance camera designed to operate in extreme conditions, this thing can survive the arctic cold, the desert heat, and the nastiest weather you can throw its way, all while capturing crystal clear security video.

Devialet Gold Phantom Speaker

Yes, it still looks like a small alien doomsday device that will wipe out the planet, but the Gold edition of Devialet's hi-fi audiophile speaker steps things up with a whopping 4,500 watts of power and 108 decibels of volume.

Timeless x Bremont U2/T Watch

We love Bremont's handsome U2 pilot watch, but what would it look like if the watchmaker fashioned it during the height of WWII? The UK outfit partnered with Timeless to figure it out and this is the result.

iKamper Road Trip Rooftop Tent

If you're pitching a tent right next to your car anyway, why not just mount a tent on the roof? iKamper's soft-top solution happens to be one of the nicest, most feature-packed we've seen.

Bright Path CampGuard

More than a camp lantern, Bright Path's latest comes with a 360-degree motion detector, allowing it to detect movement within 35 feet and automatically switching on to alert you of the activity.

EcoFire Camp Stove

Yes, it's small enough to fit in the expandable side pockets of your mountaineering backpack, but a clever design allows this fan-powered biofuel stove to cook large meals on large pots with relative ease.

York Athletics Henry Mid Sneakers

Want a good-looking pair of trainers without three stripes, a swoosh, or any other obnoxious branding plastered across it? Look no further than York Athletics' minimally-branded, highly-technical, and ultra-stylish mid-height silhouette.

Breitling Navitimer 46 Blacksteel Watch

Whether you actually fly planes or just take a Xanax to zone out every time you ride one, this blacked-out version of the classic Navitimer pilot watch will make you look sufficiently badass the entire time.

Readyman Medic Survival Card

If you're putting together a medical kit for use during emergencies, whether at home or in the outdoors, you might want to consider adding Readyman's compact survival tool set to the pile.

Eagle Creek 45-Liter Cargo Hauler Duffel

Tough enough for the outdoors, compact enough for airline carry, and sized just right for the gym, Eagle Creek's 45-liter duffel just might end up your favorite bag when carrying heavy gear.

ChipmunkBags Laundry Backpack 2.0

With 115 liters of room, a stylish aesthetic, and comfortable backpack straps, this updated version of ChipmunkBags' laundry backpacks should make transporting dirty clothes a whole lot less of a chore.

BioLite PizzaDome

Over the past few years, BioLite's BaseCamp has evolved as the go-to outdoor stove for large-scale cooking at camp. It can cook everything. Well… except pizzas. That changes now with this new add-on accessory.