On Cloudventure Trail Running Shoes

Signature "cloud" pods give On's ultimate lightweight trail runners unique responsiveness and downhill cushioning, while aggressive lugs and micro-engineered surfaces deliver a nasty grip on any terrain.

Y Athletics Ultimate Travel Underwear

With pure, natural silver woven into the fabric, Y Athletics' boxer briefs can prevent the build-up of odor like no other, all while wicking sweat, regulating temperature, and integrating a leg grip that prevents it from bunching up.

Moore & Giles Parker Luggage

Styled to resemble 18th century steamer trunks, Moore & Giles' first ever luggage product lets you travel with a pseudo-vintage flair, all while integrating modern elements for 21st century convenience.

BakBlade Body Hair Shaver

With a blade over twice the width of shaving razors and a long ergonomic handle, this grooming tool lets you shave down your chest, back, and other body parts with relative ease at a fraction of the time.

Inka Outdoor Venture OHV Rough Ridge Trailer

Gullwing doors make everything better. Even compact, teardrop-shaped camper trailers that, truth be told, are awesome enough with a full-service kitchen, queen-sized bed, and a whole lot of room for storage.

CHI Slim Kirkman Briefcase

Measuring just an inch in thickness, this ultra-slim briefcase strips any unnecessary volume and leaves just enough room for your workday essentials, making it ideal for the professional who prefers to pack light.

Growlerwerks uKeg 64

A perfect growler for serving your suds, this 64-ounce unit comes with a cap that force-carbonates your beer, all while integrating a tap for drawing a pint without having to do any manual pouring.

Rhone Gotham SeaCell Tee

While this superpowered workout shirt won't make you super-strong or bulletproof, its unique seaweed-based fabric releases calcium, magnesium, and vitamin E during sweating to help nourish your skin.

Rocky S2V Trail Runner Shoes

Top shelf features usually entail top-shelf pricing. Not the case with Rocky S2V's trail running shoe, which pairs compression fit tech, an all-terrain outsole, and crazy amounts of comfort with an affordable price.

Atlas Obscura

Designed for both wanderlust travelers and the vicarious shut-ins alike, this non-traditional travel book chronicles the weirdest places, festivals, and attractions available around the world.

Hobie MirageDrive 180 Kayak Pedal System

Hobie's updated pedal system for kayaks can instantly reverse thrust with a single pull, allowing you to change directions quickly, enabling unprecedented maneuverability whether you're fishing, duck hunting, or just enjoying the water.

Lampuga Boost Electric Surfboard

Armed with a powerful electric motor, this electric surfboard lets you cruise on water at satisfying speeds of up to 34 mph, whether you're riding on actual surf spots or the most peaceful coasts.

Victorinox Climber Gold Limited Edition

A special edition of the Climber Pocket Knife to celebrate the 2016 Rio Olympics, this multi-tool comes with scales covered in 24-karat gold, making for a tool that's as luxurious as it is indispensable in the field.

Freenote Cloth Standard Issue Board Shorts

As far as we know, the military doesn't issue board shorts to servicemen. Yes, even if it is summer. If they do, however, we hope it looks as good as Freenote Cloth's rugged pair of beach-ready trousers.

Yeti Hopper Flip 12 Cooler

A personal-sized cooler, Yeti's latest can keep up to 12 bottles cold or a day's worth of meals warm, making itself useful, whether you're enjoying a picnic, drinking on the beach, or waiting for big game in a tree stand.

Mokacam 4K Action Cam

With hot-swappable batteries, this 4K-shooting action cam lets you shoot as much as footage as your SD card will allow, ensuring you can record as much continuous video of your adventures as you desire.